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  Why Choose Us?    

We think there are a number of good reasons...

Since 1997, Fletcher Cigar Company has been providing private label cigars to customers nationwide. During this time, we have learned a thing or two. It all comes down to this...provide quality cigars, quality cigar bands, quality packaging and quality service. And do it consistently. We think we do, and so do our customers (you can check out some testimonials here.)

There are a lot of specific reasons that right now, you will find the finest private label cigars right here. Great cigars. Excellent looking cigar bands. Low prices and best value. Really cool freebies. Unmatched efficiency. Please click on any of the following to learn more.

Why purchase your custom private label cigars from Fletcher Cigar Company
aged, imported, long-filler, cuban-seed, handmade private label cigars
testimonials - customers talk about our private label cigars
a personalized cigar that is rated 90 by Cigar Aficionado
free stuff is yours when you order your custom cigars from Fletcher Cigar Company


Great Cigars
We take pride in the cigars we offer. 

Excellent Cigar Bands

  • Sharp classic look die-cut shape - best cigar band in the industry

  • Great designs, each band is completely custom designed specifically for you

  • Hi-Gloss full color inking process

  • Custom cigar shapes are available at a very reasonable price

Low Prices/Best Value

  • We are licensed by the Department of Treasury (Tobacco Importer Permit) - this allows us to bypass other importers, middlemen and distributors. We purchase our Premium cigars direct from the factories in the Dominican Republic which means lower prices for you.

  • Compare our long-filler custom premium cigar to other medium-filler custom non-premium cigars - our premium is priced like their medium-filler non-premium cigars and is far better.

  • Our long-filler premium cigar is priced much less than any competitor's comparable premium cigar. There is no better value in the custom cigar industry.

  • Our Rated Super Premium cigars (rated 90 and 94 by Cigar Aficionado) have no competition in the custom cigar industry - if you must have the best, there is nothing that compares. And for the quality, you receive incredible value.

  • Better custom cigars for less money = best value

Cool Freebies
On top of everything, we offer you a lot of freebies you can't find elsewhere (your free stuff depends on the quantity of your order) - you can check out the all the free stuff here 

  • White/Black checkered all-steel bow-tie cigar cutter - FREE

  • Porcelain and metal Ashtray - FREE

  • 7.5" x 3.0" sized die-cut magnet version of your customized cigar band - FREE

  • 8 " x 11" framed version of your cigar band - FREE

Do the research, do the math...you will find...

  • Our Cigars - better quality, better value for the price

  • Our Cigar Bands - better quality, better designs

  • Our Cool Freebies - Free stuff not available elsewhere

  • Our Great service - check our testimonials

  • Our Packaging - great presentation

How Can We Do It?
How can we offer you the best private label cigars at the lowest prices? Simple...

  • Low Overhead - we don't have a large physical retail store to support

  • No Advertising - we don't spends thousands of dollars a month advertising and can pass that savings on to you (now that you have found us!) - our business comes from Internet search, repeat business and word-of-mouth.

  • Efficient Business Methods - headed up a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, we take advantage of the latest technology to streamline our business to serve you better. 

  • We have our Federal Tobacco Import license - this allows us to buy DIRECT from the factories in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and other tobacco producing countries. NO middlemen, No distributors. Our costs are lower by buying direct - we pass these savings on to you in the form of lower prices for higher quality cigars.

  • No wasted overhead + little advertising +  efficient methods + direct buying = the best value for you

We have been producing custom cigars since 1997

To Order, Please Call 877-726-5886
Or send a quick email to us at
and we will call you

Remember on our home page we said congratulations? Well, you found us through the Internet or via a referral - and that is cause for celebration! In either case, you have won the day. By finding us you have the opportunity to enjoy the finest personalized custom cigars available today, and at a price no greater than lesser quality private label cigars. We clearly offer you the best value in custom cigars. Call us now, lets get started creating your custom cigar today.