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  The Cigars!    

Ahh...the Cigars!

The quality of the cigar matters. What is important is the following: Is it handmade? Is it constructed of long-filler tobacco? Is the tobacco imported, aged and from Cuban-seed? Our answers...Yes. Yes. Yes. 

We offer you a varied selection of custom cigars. Our standard premium grade cigars are available in Sumatra, Ecuadorian Connecticut or Dark Maduro wrappers. Our rated super premium cigars (rated 90 and 94 by Cigar Aficionado) are available in either Honduran or Nicaraguan Habano wrappers.

Our premium cigar is as good as any other custom cigar on the market today. Our rated super premium is frankly far superior to any other custom cigar available. If you are looking for the ultimate private label cigar, you just found it.

After reviewing your choices, if you have any questions, please give us a call. For large orders, we can source other cigars for you - call us to discuss.

Private Label Cigars - Handmade Cuban-seed Long-filler Custom Label Cigars By Fletcher Cigar Company

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FYI - we do NOT sell cheap medium, mixed, combination or short filler cigars. These are all terms used for inferior cigars. We wouldn't smoke one, and we won't ask that you do. At the least, demand a long-filler cigar.

If you are using a custom label cigar to promote your business, you want it to reflect favorably on your company. If you are having a wedding or other personal event, make sure you celebrate the right way, with a fine premium or rated super-premium private label cigar.

And the fact is...you can enjoy our aged, long-filler Cuban-seed premium private label cigar for the price of a medium-filler cigar (and less than other long-filler premium custom cigar). And our Rated Super Premium cigars can be had for not much more than our competitor's premium cigars. It's all good!

Our Super Premium Cigars Are Rated Up To 94 By Cigar Aficionado
(please see the individual blend ratings for details)

Comparison of Our Private Label Customized Cigars

Fine Standard Premium

  • Your choice of Sumatra, Ecuadorian Connecticut or Maduro wrapper

  • Your choice of Churchill or Torpedo sizes

  • Various aged, imported, long-filler Cuban-seed tobaccos

but a good smoke. We get a lot of re-orders!

Rated Super Premium

  • Your choice of Honduras Colorado Dark Brown or Habano Maduro wrappers

  • Your choice of Torpedo, Churchill & Imperial sizes

  • Exotic aged, imported long-filler Cuban-seed tobaccos expertly blended

Rated 90 and 94 by
Cigar Aficionado...
a great smoke

The reality...all of our cigars are quality cigars. 

The difference...the premiums are a good cigar. The rated super premiums however, are a great cigar, expertly blended and perfect for the experienced cigar aficionado or when good just isn't good enough. Think $15-$20 bottle of wine and $50-$75 dollar bottle wine.

The super premium cigar uses filler tobaccos that are aged longer than the standard premium. Greater care is taken in the blending of the filler tobaccos and also in how the filler, binder and wrapper tobaccos combine to create the overall experience of the cigar. And all of the tobaccos, the filler, the wrapper and binder are more exotic, using rare and more expensive tobaccos. It takes many months to go through the process to create a super premium cigar like the ones we offer.

We will place our fine premium cigars up against anything being offered today in the personalized custom cigar industry. As far as our rated super premium cigars, well...it just wouldn't be a fair fight.

You will enjoy smoking all of our cigars, and you will be proud to have your custom cigar band around any one of them. We smoke both the premiums and the super premiums...we enjoy both and are proud to offer you both.

To Order, Please Call 877-726-5886
Or send a quick email to us at
and we will call you

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