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aged, imported, long-filler, cuban-seed, handmade private label cigars
testimonials - customers talk about our private label cigars
a personalized cigar that is rated 90 by Cigar Aficionado
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  Custom Cigar Bands For Restaurants & Hotels    

We take pride in designing every cigar band to your specifications.

Our cigar bands are known to be the finest in the industry. We design each one to your specifications. We don't just drop in some text or a logo to a preformatted band and say we're finished. Not here. 

That's why we don't offer online ordering. You see, this is the place where you get personalized attention for YOUR personalized cigar band. We need to discuss your needs, either by email or by telephone. We create a proof and if it needs changing to please you, we'll change it. Simple. 

Own a Restaurant, Bar, Microbrewery, Pub or Night Club?
  Offer Your Customers Your Own Private Label Cigar

As a member of the hospitality industry, you can generate a lot of goodwill and extra profits
by offering your customers your own personalized custom label cigar...

You found THE place for the finest private label cigars at the lowest prices.


private label restaurant cigars - the finest available

Each private label cigar band is custom designed

 Custom Designed Shapes! Only $40.00 Extra Charge! 

custom cigars for your casino or hotel - the finest available
Custom Designed - We Guarantee Your Satisfaction 
private label cigars for your nightclub or restaurant - the finest available
Check around, see if anyone does personalized cigar bands like we do
a private label cigar for your pub or bar - the finest available
  We are passionate about creating the perfect custom cigar for you
custom cigars for your club - a private label cigar you will be proud of

A quality designed custom label cigar creates the right impression for your company

private label cigars for your lounge

Isn't it time you added an upscale product like your own private label cigar to your offerings?

own a bar - get your own private label cigar

Call us to create your custom cigar
the finest custom cigar available

Like what you see?
Give us a call now, let us get to work on your personalized cigar today.

To Order, Please Call 877-726-5886
Or send a quick email to us at
and we will call you

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