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  Our Fine Premium Cigar    

Fine premium custom label cigars at a price that will surprise you.

We have been in the personalized cigar business for over eleven years. After countless sales and countless thousands of cigars sold, one thing has remained consistent...

Every private label cigar we offer is 
handmade from aged, Cuban-seed, long-filler tobacco.

The above important because it defines the minimum quality and the ingredients
 that you should insist on.

Don't settle for less - make sure you custom cigar is a long-filler cigar, not a mixed, short, medium of combination - (all descriptions of inferior cigars) - insist on long-filler. 

We offer this premium custom cigar for much less than any competitors comparable cigar. Our premium custom cigar is the best value in the industry by a long margin.

(please scroll down to see photos of the cigars and the boxing!)

Our Current Line Of Fine Premium Private Label Cigars
Premium Sumatra
Churchill 7x50
Premium Connecticut
Churchill 7x50 & Torpedo 6.25x52
Premium Dark Maduro
Churchill 7x50 & Torpedo 6.25x52

Every private label cigar we offer you is handmade from aged, Cuban-seed long-filler imported tobacco

Our premium personalized cigars are packaged in a gold finished box with clear top.
A die cut label that matches your cigar band is affixed to the clear top.  
Each order includes a FREE premium gold-finish cutter.

Each cigar is individually wrapped in cellophane and packaged 25 to a box




testimonials - customers talk about our private label cigars

So...to recap. Our premium cigar offers you a high quality smoke at a very affordable price.

And to be fair, our competition offers this as well in their premium offerings (some of our competitors offer non-premium cigars that are constructed using medium, short or combination fillers - basically short discarded leftovers from long-filler cigars - you decide if that is what you want.)

What makes us unique is that we offer you our  premium handmade, aged, Cuban-seed long-filler imported custom cigars at a price that allows you to enjoy superior quality and save money at the same time. 

We enjoy providing you with the best value in private label cigars. 

It is what we are here for.

We are not the biggest...just the best.

To Order, Please Call 877-726-5886
Or send a quick email to us at
and we will call you

Check out our Private Reserve Gift Set